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quality antique auctions most Friday evenings

Chico Auction Gallery

For nearly forty years, the Chico Auction Gallery has provided auctions, liquidations of estates, storage facilities, homes, items left behind as peoples tastes and means change, and appraisal services.

Auctions are held most Friday nights. Come early for the preview, make sure you check out everything, (there can be plenty of box lots with goodies inside), and get a good seat for the action later. Admission is free. You register to bid, get a card to bid with, so you don't have to worry about buying something you don't want because you scratched your ear or touched your nose. Pick up your winnings that night or the following weekend, and enjoy your treasures.

Antiques Railroad Show

Interrupted several times an auction night, Jack Harbour and veteran bidders ignore the rumbling of trains as they pass just feet away from the Chico Auction Gallery.

Inside, bidders are focused on Harbour's auction chant, the lot up for sale, and the upcoming items on their lists.

Seats are hard, unless padded with a pillow from home, or a jacket. Lighting is muted. Excitement runs high.

Antique furniture, collectibles, lamps, box lots, toys, jewelry, all take their turn on stage and on the block.

Join Jack Harbour and his crew most Friday evenings at the Chico Auction Gallery. Who knows? You might find yourself on Antiques Roadshow some day being asked "And how much did you pay?" for the sleeper you bought at Chico Auction Gallery.

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